Shair – Hair & Wig Donation Initiative

Wearing Natural Hair like yours

VinityTouch MK Salon is driven by an ambitious vision, aiming to raise awareness and provide support to the noble cause of instilling hope and courage in underprivileged cancer survivors. The salon actively conducts hair donation programs and camps to collect natural hair, facilitating the creation of high-quality wigs for those in need. The mission is to establish a supportive ecosystem where donors can contribute their hair selflessly, fostering a compassionate community dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of cancer survivors.


Share Love, Share Hope, Share Hair

In our commitment to encourage broader participation, we have introduced the innovative ‘ShairAnywhere’ program. This initiative involves a dedicated team of trained stylists visiting corporate firms, educational institutes, and social organizations to conduct complimentary hair donation camps on-site. As a token of gratitude, every donor receives a symbolic pink hair extension, representing the essence of their contribution and aiding in raising awareness for this noble cause.